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The United Kingdom Cleaning Professionals Academic Service (UKCPAS™ Ltd) is an awarding body providing accreditation, quality standards and a modern, business friendly approach to the Cleaning Industry.

Accreditation by UKCPAS™ demonstrates that a company has met set standards of business competence, maintenance and continuous improvement of its performance and in servicing contracts.


UKCPAS™  main objectives are to:

♦ Improve quality standards and their application in the cleaning industry

♦ Increase and assist the move towards professionally recognized staff

♦ Provide Accredited and recognized training to the industry

♦ Provide a membership service for companies and individuals

♦ As a professional service, UKCPAS™ advances the professional development, credentials, knowledge and information services of its membership community

Champion Quality Standards in the cleaning industry, that is driven by a sense of responsibility to enrich lives, improve workplaces and communities, support business retention and to raise the profile of the industry by applying quality tools, techniques, and methods of work.


What is Accreditation?

Accreditation to UKCPAS™ standards is the activity of having processes, systems, people, training or organizations independently evaluated to confirm that it meets specific requirements in order to reduce risks, commit to continuous improvement and thereby increase business opportunity and efficiency.

By becoming an accredited UKCPAS™ organization, you can help customers and clients reduce the risk of selecting poor quality services, giving added confidence overall, whilst improving business opportunities and contract/service agreement retention.

The intention is not to overly burden your business with pointless activities that prevent you from actually doing your work, but to apply a business friendly approach to improving business and staff performance.


The Benefits of Accreditation

UKCPAS™ will give added confidence in the market place and in delivered services which is essential. The cleaning industry is still a growing industry and standards are all the more important to assist in driving up values, competencies, principles and professionalism of the sector.

Other benefits of UKCPAS™ Accreditation is the exposure to new markets for organizations with ambitions to grow in the UK and abroad. UKCPAS™ will work with you to ensure that you remain competitive, with the key focus of ensuring that your company is not unnecessarily tied up with red tape and inadequately thought through accreditation processes.

The Accreditation process is customized to:-

♦ address workplace requirements and provisions,

♦ to achieve current and future operational goals and objectives.

♦ to focus on core business competencies and activities

♦ which will lead to greater effectiveness of service delivery, whilst supporting and underpinning    business change and retention programmes (e.g. SLAs)



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